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We are a one-stop-shop for creating your dream home.


When you start searching for a home, you are bombarded with hundreds of flashy listings trying to catch your eye. With all of these choices, what makes a home a good investment?

Is the home the best house on the block or the worst?
In any other situation the best house would always be the best choice! But when renovating a property to gain equity we search for the worst house in the best neighborhood!

How long has the home been on the market?
We often start with homes that have a long history on the MLS. This helps us negotiate the best deal possible. Most homes that need a lot of cosmetic work do not fly off the market. This helps us get the best deals for our clients!

What is the footprint of the home?
We access if there is adequate square footage for the client’s needs. Or does it have an unfinished basement that can easily be finished off? Adding square footage onto a home becomes costly and time consuming.

Is the home structurally sound?
Any great collaboration starts with a solid foundation, a home renovation is no different. We try to avoid major structural issues or foundation problems. Unless the budget has adequate room for these renovations they can be daunting and lead to overages in both time and money.


Many clients come to us dreaming of “flipping a home”. Most all of them, although excited, have no idea where to start. This is where we come in! The Walter Group specializes in creating a client centered design. The goal of our design process is to create the needed value in the property for it to appraise for a higher value than our clients are purchasing it for. Building equity is the name of the game!
Match with a Contractor

We only work with the best general contractors in town. We trust that they provide our clients with the utmost respect. We understand that renovation projects are known for being over-budget and over deadline. This along with many other issues can be easily resolved with good communication and mutual respect. Although the general contractor is responsible for the renovation, The Walter Group will be a helping hand throughout the process offering both design expertise and construction knowledge. 


We work with some of the best when it comes to financing these projects. Creative financing helps us bring these dream homes to life! From the very beginning The Walter Group has the appraisal process in mind. Afterall, if the home won’t appraise for the value the client needs, they will not be able to obtain financing. In order to avoid this, The Walter Group will only bring you to homes that have enough square footage, are priced low enough and in good enough neighborhoods to pass the appraisal process.

How do we get a home to appraise for hundreds of thousands more than what it is listed for? With a top-quality design! After we find the home, we have many consults with the client to ensure that the design is truly their vision. A professional blueprint is drawn up, submitted to the bank and then the bank loans the money based on the future value.

Some clients choose to pay for their renovation in cash, thus bypassing the whole appraisal process. With either scenario The Walter Group provides the same high quality, client centered design services.


After all of the above steps have been completed you are ready to start knocking walls down! Your chosen contractor will lead the construction process, manage the sub-contractors, take care of construction draws, budget and communicate on timelines etc.

Some clients want The Walter Group to stay present through the entire renovation process, in order to ensure the design is executed properly and to its full potential. In this case, The Walter Group charges a one-time fee of $3,000. This design management fee can be added to your construction loan. This ensures that we can be with you from demo day to move in day.

These are just a few of the many criteria we assess when finding our clients the perfect renovation project. It is imperative that you partner with someone who has the knowledge and expertise to guide you in the right direction.


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